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The project is my inaugural self-sponsored art residency in Nafasi Art Space in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.The project is aimed to grow in East Africa but that move will be determined by the success of this one.

Art residency in Nafasi Art Space

byMichael Kyalo

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Nairobi, Kenya

Michael Kyalo

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Michael Kyalo
Nairobi, Kenya
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The project will enable me to work in a new environment with new artists while exchanging ideas will increase my creativity skills. I will be working with artists by undergoing several workshops. This will be in the span of four weeks starting from January 15th, 2018 However, the work created during that period will be a series of paintings narrating a storyline of a specific issues /place/time which I will decide once I get there. All the paintings created will be exhibited at Nafasi and here in Nairobi during  My art talk sharing my experience in Tanzania.


Accommodation Ksh 18,200/- ($182)
Insurance Ksh 20,200/- ( $202 )
Living allowance plus round trips Ksh 42,000/- ($460)
Travel expense Ksh 28,000/- ($280)
10mtr canvas @ 800 Ksh 8,000/- ($80)
30 oil tubes @ 1200/  Ksh 36,000/- ($360)
2 primer 1*4ltrs @2200 Ksh 4,400/- ($44)
Others( brushes pallets, spray, charcoal) Ksh 5,300/- ($53)
Documentation of the project Ksh 28,000/- ($280)
Miscellaneous Ksh 19,010/- ($190.10)
Total Ksh 209,110 ($209.11)

Artist Statement

My work is appreciation view on social and economic issues with respect to the environment. I focus on working men as my main subject so as to address their impact on the society. Textured moving strokes, light and shadow, is my playground to dictate the mood in each piece. I am influenced by the daily occurrence and the Jua kali life, thus adding my own interpretation to draw a connection with my audience. I create a storyline in a painting by making a series of the same subject in different surroundings. I feel a painting is finished if it gives me self-satisfaction, knowing that is a problem well solved.


Am a Kenyan born artist based at the Go Down Art Centre specializing on painting, inspired by change of weather and men on their daily socio-economic activities capturing both positive and negative aspect of their life hidden in the fingertips of the society by the society; my focus is on how I see and understand the environment around me in terms of color, idea and background mood thus presenting it in impressive form with light and shadow being a basic unit of my work. Exhibition in various venues including ISK and NMK.

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