Michael Kyalo is a Kenyan artist. That specializes in painting and sculpture with an illustrious 7-year career. Currently, he is an artist in resident at the GoDown Art Centre. He specializes in paintings. His keen focus is on current issues on how he sees and understands the environment in terms of ideas and color forms thus presenting it in a bit of impression form.

Mike is inspired by day to day socio-economic activities affecting people especially men and change of weather. In men am interested in the body language, the composition and the seriousness that comes out during their work thus extracting both positive and negative values in them which are hidden in the figure tips of the society by the society.

He has worked in dry pastels, oil, acrylic, chalk and charcoal on paper, cardboard and canvas.


He wishes to do an art residency across East Africa. His first stop is Tanzania at the Nafasi Art Space Tanzania. Learn more about his project


Nafasi Art Space is a contemporary art centre in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania where visual and performing artists create, learn, exhibit, and perform. They are a creative hub, home to 60+ member artists working in 32 studios.

Nafasi hosts workshops, training, artist hangouts, and an artist-in-residency programme to encourage learning and exchange between artists from different backgrounds and across disciplines.

Support his campaign Art residency in Nafasi Art Centre

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