I have a friend who used to consider herself “plus-size”. She ran a blog with motivating posts for girls who considered themselves plus-size, which I thought was really cool. You really have to love yourself as you are, in whatever state you are because everything else can change and everyone else can leave, and all you’ll ever truly have is yourself at the end of every day. That’s not the point for now though. She wants to take her dedication to her audience past blogging and into finding a way to source cheaper bras for plus-size women. A few problems though: no bank is willing to give her a loan if she can’t provide some form of collateral, venture capital is very difficult to come by and she doesn’t know anyone who would have enough money to fund her project. See the problem?

Very few people are willing to take a chance in young people who are full of brilliant ideas that just need the right people to listen and help. Few people are willing to help Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) with loans to stay afloat. Few people are willing to support creative entrepreneurs as they navigate a capitalist swimming pool that doesn’t care whether your job is to create or not, it feeds on money and drowns those who have none.

This is where you come in. See when you get involved, my friend can set a funding goal and a duration of her project to last.

The way a real project can run is, for example, she can set a funding goal of Kshs. 500, 000 to run for 2 months. She can say that anyone who contributes Kshs. 3,000 gets their breasts measured and two bra sets that fit her size; those who raise Kshs. 5,000 get the measurement and three bra sets that fit her size and free shipping; those who raise Kshs. 10,000 get a measurement, five bras that fit her size in the colors that she would like as well as free shipping and the option for a free photo-shoot if that tickles her fancy.

This is why we need you; you are not doing charity, you are being served, and picking what you want to be a part of because you’re supporting your friends and businesses that provide a solution to your problems. You are being rewarded for diluting the risks that businesses face, for co-creating with your friends and the businesses that you like and also for helping businesses get onto their feet so that everyone grows together.

Together, we can do this. You are backers because you have the backs of SMEs, Creative entrepreneurs and start-ups, and we have your back.

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