The tide is changing, and the structure of business is changing with it. Where there were gate-keepers before, there are now open doors, and gate-keepers are slowly but surely stepping off the board-game.

There were gate-keepers in the transportation industry, but Uber came and gave us a cheaper and more convenient way to get to your destination.

There were hotels in the hospitality industry, but AirBnB shared the power of the hotel monopolies and among home-owners so that everyone can benefit from the power of space, and the power of trust.

M-pesa? The gate-keepers were traditional banking institutions, heavily concentrated in the cities and modern towns; people in rural areas could scarcely access banks; cash had to be moved physically through buses and cars. Access to money was a rare luxury, only afforded by those who could gain access to banks. Yet everyone needed to eat, pay for water, pay for school fees and pay for electricity. M-pesa ensured that anyone with a mobile phone could transact, and made several people’s lives much easier. It became easier to light your home, to pay for water, pay for school fees, pay for that restaurant bill, get paid for that online job you did or send money to someone who was in need. The power moved from making a line in the bank, to clicking “Send money”. The power is literally in your hands.

This is where business has moved to: where everyone’s destiny is in their own hands. This is where GrowMyHustle comes alive. At GrowMyHustle, we believe that customers are not just customers, they are backers. They have your back; they want to walk with you who is running your business, they want to support you who is perfecting your craft, they want to stand behind you who has an innovative and timely solution to the challenges we face every day.

We understand that backers would love to support artists they admire, projects they resonate with and businesses that they have a connection to. However, they will only contribute their own money as long as it is easy to pay, it is an amount that is moderate and fair and also if their contribution will make a direct difference to the person or business they are contributing to.

This is what GrowMyHustle exists to do. To make it easy for backers to contribute to businesses they connect with, to make it easy for people to support their friends, to make sure that the backers’ contributions make a direct impact on the project-creators and to make sure that people keep creating and serving. As an entrepreneur or project-creator, now there are no more gate-keepers and your destiny is fully in your own hands. You create and bring your audience, we will do the rest.

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