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Me2You is an organization of friends and lovers of our community. We have received a lot and now we’re giving back. We’re going to Huruma Home to do just that, and to be role models for these girls.

Visit to Huruma Home

by Martie Mtange and Caroline Kitwa

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Nairobi, Kenya

Martie Mtange and Caroline Kitwa

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Last year during Christmas time, we visited Kwetu Home, a safe place in Madaraka where street-boys are rehabilitated and taught how to be functional men in society. Most of them were addicted to Cobblers’ glue among other drugs and had been forced to deal with adulting before they were ready. We spent the day with them, taught them how to kill and skin a goat, how to make soup from it and all the manly things associated with goat-meat. We wanted to show them that you can be a high-functioning man and show them what they can aspire to.

This time, we’re going to do the same for a couple of young girls at Huruma Home. It’s a girl’s only home which needs your inspiration. It’s not just about the money, but your presence and your company can give these girls something to hold on to as they grow up. We’re going to visit, cook and play with them as we also distribute sanitary towels and a few other things they need. Remember how you saw a celebrity or a sportsperson when you were young and wanted to be like them? That’s the same thing we’re doing for these kids, just that now it’s someone they can touch and see. Come.



Foodstuffs (rice and maizemeal)


Total Ksh 18,150.


In return for giving Kshs. 700 and above, everyone gets free “Me2You” wrist-bands from the organization

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We have raised funds before . Our previous project Contribute to Nyumba ya Wazee


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free “Me2You” wrist-bands from the organization 

December, 2018

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