Our mission is to enable people to grow their hustles through the power of creativity and collaboration


GrowMyHustle enables anyone with a project to launch it and get support from
others who love the vision of the project-creator. We make it easier for artists, business people, students and all-round visionaries to turn their visions into reality through crowd-funding. Have a project idea? Ready to turn it into a reality? Have people ready to support you? Let’s get to work!

Our community involves all project creators, supporters of these projects, our corporate partners as well as anyone who wants to see independent projects winning. We appreciate everyone in this network and we understand that there is no “Grow” in GrowMyHustle without all of you. All project creators have complete creative control over their projects and all supporters are at liberty to back any projects of their choice.


Joan Marwa

Head of Infrastructure

I want people to stop saying “my biggest problem is money”. Work on making your ideas more valuable and we’ll help you get the resources to bring your idea to life.


Clement Obonyo

Head of Marketing

I was drawn to this business because of the frustrations of running a startup. I believe that Alternative financing is the key to ensuring startups thrive and boost innovation in Africa.  Our platform provides opportunities for everyone


Martie Mtange

Head of Partnerships

I’m a creative and I believe it’s time to stop starving. Let’s do something to change the negative narratives. This is what GMH is about.


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